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Our team
Luke graduated from Northwestern in 2012. He started Albert.io because of the pain he experienced taking 11 AP exams and wrote all of Albert.io's AP European History program because that was his favorite subject.
Will studied economics at Northwestern. He graduated high school from Winter Park High as valedictorian taking 6 APs along with a full IB diploma course load. Will previously co-founded College Creed which helped students with college admissions.
Adi is the slacker of the team, with only 7 APs under her belt. She studied writing seminars and anthropology at Johns Hopkins and then came back for her master's in urban education in 2010. Before coming to Albert.io, she taught 6th-8th grade English and reading in Baltimore City, and still teaches her former students every summer at writing camp.
Percy enjoyed AP Computer Science enough to study computer science at DePaul University, and since graduating in 2011 he has been applying his programming knowledge to the web.
Peter studied computer science at UIUC and honed his engineering skills during his extended tenure in the fast-paced world of Chicago’s proprietary trading firms. His passion for education and desire to make a difference brought him to Albert.io.
Cresten St.Clair graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Computer Science in 2012, and has been in the Chicago developer scene ever since. Cresten's love for startup culture and passion for improving education drew him to Learnerator.
Priya graduated from Michigan State University in 2013 and took 7 AP courses during her high school career. Before joining Albert.io, she worked as an instructor at a business school in Lansing, MI, where she taught English, math and psychology courses.
With a professional background in user experience design and enterprise digital product strategy, Dan employs a user-centered approach when bringing user interfaces to life.
While getting her degree in finance, Natalia developed a passion for the detail-oriented nature of software QA. She shifted her focus toward software and her passion for improving education brought her to Albert.io.
Athena graduated from William and Mary in 2013, with a double major in biology and classical studies. She joined Teach for America after college and taught 7th grade science in Hammond, IN. Her interest in combining edtech and science drew her to Albert.io.
Andrew took 5 AP tests at his high school in Maryland prior to moving to Chicago, where he studied computer science and mathematics at DePaul University, finishing his master's in computer science in 2011. His passion is in simplifying the world around him, both in the software he develops and the way students learn information.
With nearly a decade of development experience, Joe has a passion for problem solving and strategy. He's excited to see how technology, both new and old, can make an impact in education.
Matt graduated with a degree in computer science from DePaul in Chicago. He enjoys solving problems, and has been very busy applying the skills he forged in academia to real world problems on the web, which he’s been fully enjoying for the last several years.
Rachel graduated from Smith College in 2012. She then taught high school English in Baltimore for two years as a Teach for America corps member. After finishing her master's in history at Northwestern, Rachel joined Albert.io, where she can be a full-fledged history nerd while also sharing her love of education.
A passion and hunger for learning is what has driven Zach’s career thus far. Constantly learning new things and pushing the boundaries of his knowledge is what has helped him become a successful engineer. Stability, scalability, and critical thinking are his staples—all of which he has contributed to multiple Chicago technology companies.
Tatiana graduated from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University in 2011 with a master’s degree in computer science. She gained a lot of experience in UI Development while working at Yandex. She is a passionate front end developer who never stops learning. This enthusiasm for education brought her to Albert.io.
Although Matt graduated from the University of Michigan in 2013 with a degree in honors history, he thinks that the web is the future of education and has learned more from online resources than from formal schooling. Matt recently switched over to a career in computer programming and is loving every second of it.
Mike took three APs in high school and fell in love with science and math both in and out of class. Mike graduated from Kalamazoo College with a degree in biology and joined Teach For America where he earned a master's in the Art of Teaching. He taught high school chemistry and human body systems for five years in Chicago before joining Albert.IO.
Dan worked as a teacher, department chair, and Assistant Principal in Chicago Public Schools after graduating from the University of Chicago in 2009. Dan is also an amateur coder and data enthusiast who believes that the best EdTech solutions supplement, not replace, good teaching.
Elizabeth earned her MS in Biophysics and Physiology from Georgetown University. After school, she joined Teach for America teaching middle school science and robotics. Elizabeth has 6 AP's under her belt from her high school days in Maryland.
Wes studied physics in college, and thus has a working knowledge of everything in the universe (at least that's what he was promised). Before joining Albert.io, he was an educator and administrator for 10 years, having taught 4 different AP classes. His personality is like a haiku: short and to the point, with mystery and beauty added for effect.
Jaime's interest in web development grew out of her childhood passion for problem solving and all things puzzles. She explored computer science and computer graphics at DePaul University, and is always excited for new opportunities to learn.
Megan loves to learn about everything from cutting-edge scientific research to pop culture trivia. After earning her degree in Neuroscience Studies from Macalester College, her passion for education lead her to join Teach for America where she taught middle school science. She was drawn to Albert.io after seeing its potential to help students find success.
After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Brooke moved to Chicago to join Teach for America as a special education teacher. She taught 9th and 11th grade English for three years. In her classroom, she found a lot of success using education technology products where students can work at their own pace and receive instant feedback. She is excited to bring her passion for education technology to Albert.io.
Rachel received her BS in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. Before joining Albert.io she was a Teach for America corps member where she developed the biology and chemistry curriculums for a sector of tech-based charter schools in Chicago.
Jeremy's interest in science began in high school with honors in AP Chemistry. He has since studied chemistry and physics at James Madison University and graduate level chemistry at Northwestern University.  After two years of teaching general chemistry, Jeremy has joined Albert.io to continue sharing his love for science and science education with students and teachers across the globe.
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