AP Score Calculators

AP Score Calculators

AP exams are hard, and with good reason. College-level courses aren’t supposed to be easy. Passing an AP exam can mean significant college savings of thousands of dollars.

One of the most common questions AP students have when studying for their AP tests is how do I calculate my AP score? How can I predict my AP test results?

Our AP score calculators answer that question. Our team has taken the College Board’s previously released exams and referenced their AP Scoring Worksheets to create an up-to-date AP score calculator. All the scales we use can be found here.

With our score calculator, you can learn what you’ll need to score a 3, 4, or 5.

AP score calculators are a great way to motivate yourself when you’re studying. You can quickly realize how close you may be from getting the score you want. We recommend you run our calculator regularly in your AP exam prep, so you can understand where you stand.

Struggling with AP multiple-choice?

The best way to tackle this is through deliberate practice. Albert has thousands of AP-aligned practice questions that walk you through why each answer choice is right or wrong.

Struggling with free-response questions?

The best way to tackle FRQs is to carefully review old exams on AP Central. Gain a strong understanding of the expectations AP graders will have for your answers. Then after you’ve exhausted AP Central, go to Albert or use a review book to practice additional FRQs.

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We’ll be releasing all of the subjects listed below throughout February 2017.

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