How to Approach AP US Government Multiple-Choice Questions

AP US Government can be one of the hardest classes a high school student takes. Since the exam is notoriously difficult, why do students make it even harder by neglecting multiple choice questions? Students who perform well on multiple choice also perform well on the test, so use this handy guide to understand what you’re getting into and to max out your score on the exam!

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GRE Math Practice Questions

The GRE’s Quantitative Reasoning section has a strong emphasis on Math Reasoning and Mathematical problems. The section comprises questions related to Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Data Analysis. Even though GRE Math does not ask questions about higher order Calculus, it still requires a lot of practice to earn a good score.

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How to Approach AP Microeconomics Multiple-Choice Questions

The AP Microeconomics exam is different from most in that most students don’t take the class for it before taking the exam. Your AP Macroeconomics teacher probably offered you supplementary extracurricular lessons about the basics of microeconomics to give you an edge on the exam itself. This unconventional way of teaching microeconomics makes it a very difficult test to prepare for. As a result, it isn’t taken as often as the macroeconomics exam.

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