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With Albert, you’ll save hours of grading time, uncover detailed insights into your classroom(s) and differentiate instruction with ease. Below are resources to help you and your students get started with our site.

If you need additional help this year, please reach out to If you’re a licensed school, do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated School Success team member. You can also find additional troubleshooting information help here.

How to Create an Albert Account

Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Quick Start Guide for Students

How to Create a Classroom

How to Change a Student Account to a Teacher Account

How to Join a Classroom

How to Link Your Account to Your School

Licensed Schools: How to Edit Your Account

Licensed Schools: How to Approve Teachers to Distribute Licenses as an Admin

Licensed Schools: How to Grant Licenses to Students

Licensed Schools: Creating Customized Assignments

Licensed Schools: Creating Assignments Using Quick-Assign

Licensed Schools: Using Tags to Create Problem Sets

Licensed Schools: Running an Insights Report

Licensed Schools: Letter for Parents

Albert - Letter to Parents

Sending a letter home with students for parents to understand what Albert does and how Albert can help students achieve their respective goals can be an easy way to boost student engagement on Albert. We have made a customizable template for you to send home with your parents below.

Licensed Schools: 12 Tips to Help Parents Get Engaged with AP Prep 

12 Tips to Help Parents Get Involved

We've created a list of 12 helpful tips in how to incorporate parents when it comes to online exam prep with Albert. This is a good starting block for you if you are a first-year Albert school looking for ideas on how to roll out Albert effectively to your student body. 

Web Badges

Albert Text Logo

Looking for an easy way to encourage students to sign-up and practice on Albert? Add a web badge to your teacher or school webpage to remind students to visit Albert. You can copy and paste a web badge by clicking here.