A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Causes of Action


What are the causes of the action of the drama as set forth in Act I?

  1. The love of Lysander and Hermia for each other, which conflicts with the wish and determination of Egeus that Hermia shall marry Demetrius.

  2. The mistake of Puck in bewitching Lysander to fall in love with Helena which results in the love of Lysander and Hermia to be lost for a time.

  3. The love of Helena for Demetrius, whom he rejects for Hermia.

  4. The refusal of Titania to give Oberon the little boy as his servant, which causes Oberon to bewitch Titania to fall in love with Bottom.

  5. The betrothal of Theseus and Hippolyta, which necessitates the festivities for which the Athenian mechanicals are preparing.


I, II, and III.


I, II, and IV.


I, III, and IV.


I, III, and V.


All of those listed.