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Lives of Prairie Children


Life On Prairie Farms - EV Smalley,
The recurrent farm problems of the nineteenth century were usually described in political and economic terms, but there were also social difficulties imposed by the solitary nature of farm life. One attempt at a solution was the following proposal by journalist E. V. Smalley, who called for a complete reorganization of rural villages.

Smalley, E.V. "The Isolation of Life on Prairie Farms." The Atlantic Monthly. Vol. 63-88. N.p.: Atlantic Monthly Company, 1903. 378-81. Print.

All of the following are true of the education of Northwestern prairie children EXCEPT:


School is not offered year round.


The schools are often seperated into classes of males and females.


Many families must take on the responsibility of educating their own children.


Schools are sometimes quite far away from the children's homes.