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Statements about Graph 1


Nanobubbles are tiny gas bubbles that are less than 200 nanometers in size. These bubbles have properties that can have important impacts on living organisms. Researchers have conducted studies on the impact of nanobubble water on both plants and animals.

In one study, plants were grown hydroponically with either normal water or air-based nanobubble water for 4 weeks. The changes in height, length, and weight of the plants were measured, as shown in Graph 1. In a second study, fish were grown in both normal water and air-based nanobubble water, and the change in their weight was recorded after either 3 or 6 weeks as shown in Table 1.

Graph 1

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Table 1

Fish Type Kept for Normal Water Nanobubble Water
Sweetfish 3 weeks Initial weight (kg) 3.0 3.0
Final weight (kg) 6.4 10.2
Rainbow Trout 6 weeks Initial weight (kg) 50.0 50.0
final weight (kg) 129.5 148.0

Which of the following statements could be supported by the data in Graph 1?


The length of the plant leaves was the measurement least affected by the nanobubble water.


The difference in the height of the plants and the mass was the most affected by the mass of the rainbow trout.


The length of the plant leaves was not affected by the addition of nanobubble water.


The mass of the sweetfish was most affected by the mass of the plants.