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The Anatomy of a Java Class


A Java class acts as a blueprint from which objects can be created. A class specifies the variables and methods that define the object's behavior. This is analogous to a real blueprint, which specifies the structure and function of a house. In this context, the blueprint is a class, and a house is an object based on the blueprint class.

Classes in Java have many pieces: constructors, variables, methods, and more. Based on the following descriptions, match each term to its corresponding definition. Each term is used only once.


are defined outside the class and specify the packages or other classes that will be utilized.


specifies the name of the class, along with possible superclasses and interfaces.


define the types of data that are stored and used by the class.


is a special method that is used to create an instance of the class.


are used to specify the functionality that defines the class's behavior.