Animal Farm

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Which of the answers choices that follow best explains the effect of the anthropomorphism in the passage below?

"Whatever happened [Clover] would remain faithful, work hard, carry out the orders that were given to her, and accept the leadership of Napoleon. But still, it was not for this that she and all the other animals had hoped and toiled. It was not for this that they had built the windmill and faced the bullets of Jones's gun. Such were her thoughts, though she lacked the words to express them."


It serves to distance the reader from Clover by highlighting her animal nature


It helps the reader to sympathize with Clover by showcasing her human emotions


It causes the reader to rethink her previous assessment of Clover as a hardworking but slow thinking character


It increases the tension of the novel by focusing readers' attention on the growing conflict on the farm


It has little effect on the main purpose of the passage