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Determining Osmolarity


To determine which apple variety, McIntosh or Honeycrisp has a higher osmolarity, 24 uniform apple cores were made from each type. Three of each variety were initially massed and placed in beakers filled with 100 mL of the respective solutions of sucrose: 0.0 M, 0.2 M. 0.4 M, 0.6 M, 0.8 M, and 1.0 M. They were left overnight and massed again the following day. The graph below shows the percent change in mass of the cylinders in each solution of sucrose.

What is the osmolarity of the McIntosh and Honeycrisp apple variety, respectively?

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0.30 M and 0.44 M


0.40 M and 0.40 M


0.44 M and 0.30 M


Not enough information provided to make that determination.