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Montaigne's Purpose Revealed in Lines 1-5


To The Reader, 1580

De Montaigne, Michel. "To The Reader." Essays of Michel De Montaigne. N.p.: n.p., 1877. N. pag. Project Gutenberg. 17 Sept. 2006. Web. 13 Apr. 2016.

Based on lines 1-5 (“Reader, thou…my glory”), which of the following BEST describes the author’s purpose in the essay as a whole?


It is a cautious undertaking, in which he must warn the reader about uncomfortable truths.


It is a hesitant undertaking, and he knows he ought to do what he does not want to do.


It is a self-aggrandizing undertaking in which he attempts to promote his own glory.


It is a political undertaking in which he will seek to persuade readers to his views.


It is an ironic undertaking in which he will publicly write about his private self.