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Milieu of "The Shades of Spring"


The Shades of Spring, D.H. Lawrence

Lawrence, D.H. "The Shades of Spring." 1981. Access to Literature: Understanding Fiction, Drama, and Poetry. Ed. Elliot L. Smith and Wanda V. Smith. New York: St. Martin's, 1981. 157-60. Print.

Which of the following quotes is the BEST indication of the milieu of "The Shades of Spring"?


"The blacksmith and his mate stood still, watching the trespasser." (lines 2-3)​


"There was a stiff, modern, grey little church and blocks and rows of red dwellings lying at random;" (lines 22-23)


"'She and me are keeping company,' he said" (line 71)


"'You're not from the House, are you?' inquired​ the keeper. It could not be since everyone was away." (line 43)


"He stayed to gaze over the level fields of the hill-top, at the village which strewed the bare uplands as if it had tumbled off the passing wagons of industry and been forsaken." (Lines 20-22)