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Heartland and Rimland Theories


Halford MacKinder stated in his Heartland Theory that whichever country controls the Eurasian mainland core area would control the world. Nicholas Spykman, however, believed that whoever controlled the rimland, or peripheral areas along the coast of Eurasia, would be able to control the world in his Rimland Theory.

Which of the following came closest to proving one of these theories?


China’s dominance of the sea surrounding Asia in the early 1400s proved the Rimland Theory.


The Soviet Union’s dominance of the Eastern Europe and Eurasia post-World War II proved the Heartland Theory.


Japan controlling Chinese ports and Southeast Asia during World War II proved the Rimland Theory.


The areas controlled by the British Empire through World War II proved the Rimland Theory.


The areas of Eastern Europe controlled by Hitler’s Germany proved the Heartland Theory.