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Concave Mirror Image Description


Students are experimenting with a concave mirror and projecting images on a screen. They measure the focal length to be $10\text{ cm}$ and place an object at $30\text{ cm}$ as illustrated below:

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The students write their predictions about where the image is and what it will look like.

Which of the following statements are most consistent with the data?

Select TWO answers


Student 1 states that the image is located 15 centimeters in front of the mirror and is upside down.


Student 2 states that the image is located 7.5 centimeters from the mirror and is virtual because it is in between the focal point and the mirror.


Student 3 states that the image is enlarged and located 15 centimeters behind the mirror.


Student 4 says that the image is real and smaller in size than the object.