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Ideal Gas Law: Volume vs. Temperature Graph: Experiment


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A group of physics students are investigating the ideal gas law. The students use a cylinder filled with air at atmospheric pressure (101 kPa). The cylinder has a moveable piston that can raise or lower depending on the ambient temperature. Raising or lowering the piston changes the volume occupied by the gas in the cylinder.

The students work slowly, and wait until the temperature of the air in the cylinder equals the temperature of the surroundings. The results are plotted in the graph above. Consider the following alterations to the experiment.

Which alteration would produce a line with steeper slope than the one that is shown?


Using a gas that is heavier than air but keep the same number of moles of the gas.


Using a greater number of moles of gas in the cylinder.


Replace the cylinder for one that has a higher thermal conductivity.


Use temperatures that start at 290 K and increase to 390 K.