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Torque: Professor Curie's Physics Sign


Professor Curie decided to place a physics sign above the door of her lab. Two wires of equal length attached to the ends of a heavy uniform rod hang vertically as shown in the picture below. The sign of negligible mass is attached to the horizontal rod which has a length of $r$.

Laura L. Lang. Created for Albert.io. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Note that the picture may not be drawn to scale.

Which of the following statements regarding the forces in the wires ($T_1$ for the wire on the left and $T_2$ for the wire on the right), the weight of the rod ($W$) and the torque ($\large{\tau}$) on the rod are correct?

Select TWO answers.


$T_1 < T_2 < W$


$T_1 = T_2 < W$


$T_1 + T_2 = mg$


The torque due to $T_1$ is the same as the torque due to $T_2$.