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Refraction in Unknown Material


Consider a beam of light traveling through water toward an unknown material. The beam of light strikes the surface, as shown in the image, at an incidence angle of ${ 52.1}^{ \circ }$. Although the material is unknown, measurements show that light travels at a speed five times less the speed of light in water.

Does the beam of light refract (cross the boundary) in the unknown material?

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Yes, by an angle of ${ 11.5 }^{ \circ }$.


No, the critical angle is ${ 11.5 }^{ \circ }$ and the incidence angle is greater than the critical angle. Thus total internal reflection occurs and no light refracts.


Yes, by an angle of ${ 90.1 }^{ \circ }$.


Yes, by an angle of ${ 9.1 }^{ \circ }$.