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Strongest Gravitational Field


Two planets, Sudua and Blenka, are a distance $d$ apart. Blenka has mass 2 times that of Sudua.

Four objects are placed at varying locations from the Sudua, but still between Sudua and Blenka.

Object A ($mass = 2M$) is located a distance 0.5 d from Sudua.

Object B ($mass = 3M$) is located a distance 0.75 d from Sudua.

Object C ($mass = M$) is located a distance of 0.66 d from Sudua.

Object D ($mass = 1.5M$) is located 0.1 d from Sudua.

The mass of each Object is much less the mass of either planet.

At which object's location is the magnitude of the net gravitational field the strongest?


Object A


Object B


Object C


Object D