AP® Physics C: Mechanics

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Conceptualizing Gravity on Two Different Masses


The force of gravity on a $2\text{ kg}$ rock is twice as great as the force of gravity on a $1\text{ kg}$ rock.

Which of the following explains why the heavier rock does NOT fall faster?


Because the force of gravity exerted on the Earth by the rock is equal to the force of gravity exerted on the rock by the Earth.


Because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


The force of gravity is the same on both rocks, which is why they have the same acceleration.


Because the heavier rock has twice as much gravitational force acting on it, but also twice as much mass, leading to the same acceleration.


Because the forces are balanced, so even though the force of gravity is twice as large, it makes no difference on the rock's a​cceleration.