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Sleep Theories: Why Am I Dreaming?


Morgan's psychology professor assigns a sleep log to the students in class. They are to keep a journal of their sleep patterns for a week. They are also to record the content of their dreams during the week ​to have them analyzed.

At the conclusion of the sleep & dream log, Morgan comments to his professor that he thinks he didn't have any dreams because he couldn't remember any of them. He believes he never remembers any of his dreams, and questions whether he has them at all. Morgan's professor assures him that he does dream, and she proceeds to explain to him the modern theories regarding the purpose of dreaming.

Which of the following did the professor NOT tell Morgan?


Dreams serve to sort through a person's daily experiences.


Dreaming rarely occurs during NREM sleep.


Dreams are the key to understanding and resolving unconscious conflicts.


Dreams are the mind's attempt to make sense of random neural firing.


Neural activity during REM sleep provides periodic stimulation to the brain.