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Don't Worry, Bee Happy: Combined Variance


Don't Worry, Bee Happy is a store that sells artisanal honey. One of their best sellers is Wild Wildflower Honey, packaged in glass jars that are labeled as containing $8$ ounces of honey. The owners want to make very sure that their customers are happy however, so the actual mean amount of honey contained in the jars is $8.05$ ounces. And while production standards are tight, not all jars contain exactly $8.05$ ounces. In fact, the standard deviation is $0.09$ ounces.

For true lovers of Wild Wildflower Honey (and for those looking for a more economical way to purchase several jars), the store offers a special $3$-pack consisting of three individual $8$ ounce jars of Wild Wildflower Honey.

Which of the following shows how to calculate the variance of the number of ounces of honey in the $3$-pack?


$3\bullet { \left( 0.09 \right) }^{ 2 }$


${ \left[ \left( 3 \right) \bullet \left( 0.09 \right) \right] }^{ 2 }$


$\left( { 3 }^{ 2 } \right) \bullet \left( 0.09 \right) $


${ \left( 3.09 \right) }^{ 2 }$


$(3)\bullet(0.09) $