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Practice Tests


Mrs. Sippi gives a practice AP test to her two sections of AP Statistics, each with 25 students. Period F has a minimum of 59, a median of 81, a mean of 82, and a maximum of 98. Period G (G-Unit) has a minimum of 50 perCENT, a median of 77, a mean of 84, and a maximum of 96.

If Mrs. Sippi put all 50 scores in one dataset and recalculated the minimum, maximum, mean, median, and range, which of the following MUST be true?


The new median is 79 and the new maximum is 98.


The new mean is 83 and the new range is 48.


The new range is 46 and the new mean is 83.


The new median is 79 and the new mean is 83.


The new range is 48 and the new median is 79.