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Know Your Intramolecular Linkages


Understanding functional groups and the types of linkages/bonds in molecules is critically important to understanding biochemical reactions. There are several very common functional groups and linkage types that you will see repeatedly as you study biochemistry. These need to become very familiar to you through basic memorization at first and then through repeated exposure.

Examine the structure of acetyl coenzyme A shown below and note that several types of linkages have been labeled with arrows and letters A-E.

Select the MOST appropriate name for each of these linkages in the dropdowns below.

NEUROtiker. "File:Acetyl-CoA2.svg." Acetyl-CoA. Wikimedia Commons, 26 Feb. 2008. Web. 20 Mar. 2016. Modified by M. Rumpho-Kennedy.

Linkage A =


Linkage B =


Linkage C =


Linkage D =


Linkage E =