Brave New World

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'I wish we could have brought the plane, said Lenina, looking up resentfully at the blank impending rock-face... And you feel so small when you're on the ground at the bottom of a hill.'

Which of the following statements best describes Lenina's view of nature based on the following quote?

Choose ALL that apply.


Lenina is not accustomed to being without the plush accommodations she usually receives, thus nature is not one of the things she values or embraces as enjoyable.


Because London doesn't promote rigorous activity for its citizens, Lenina is awestruck at the rock-face facing her.


The newly discovered landscape is a thing of beauty for Lenina, one that causes a sense of serenity.


The concept of nature being the natural order of things is the exact opposite of what London incorporates with their order of reproduction.


Lenina views nature as irrelevant in her life. She neither likes or dislikes it.