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Regionalism in "The Outcasts of Poker Flat"


Which excerpt gives the reader a sense of the regional aspects of the story?


“But at the head of the gulch, on one of the largest pine trees, they found the deuce of clubs pinned to the bark with a bowie knife.”


“Two or three men, conversing earnestly together, ceased as he approached, and exchanged significant glances.”


“Mr. Oakhurst received his sentence with philosophic calmness, none the less coolly that he was aware of the hesitation of his judges.”


"He bestirred himself in dusting his black clothes, washing his hands and face, and other acts characteristic of his studiously neat habits, and for a moment forgot his annoyance.”


“It was one of the peculiarities of that mountain climate that its rays diffused a kindly warmth over the wintry landscape, as if in regretful commiseration of the past.”