Catcher in the Rye

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Holden as the Narrator


What is the best possible reason for Holden to be talking to the reader directly when he states the following?

“You remember I said before that Ackley was a slob, he always looked good when he was finished cleaning himself up, but he was a secret slob anyway”?


Holden wants the reader to agree with him, forming a relationship of trust with the reader.


Holden is trying to persuade the reader that, although the final outcome does not support it, Ackley is far from being a neat person.


Holden is attempting to create a pre-existing notion of Ackley so the audience views Holden in a more positive light.


Holden wants the reader to believe negative things about Ackley because he does not like Ackley.


Holden is testing the audience to see if he can manipulate their thoughts and views on other characters in the novel.