Catcher in the Rye

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Inferiority complexes


In the beginning of chapter 18, Holden comments:

The trouble with girls is, if they like a boy, no matter how big a bastard he is, they'll say he has an inferiority complex, and if they don't like him, no matter how nice a guy he is, or how big an inferiority complex he has, they'll say he's conceited.

Which statement best describes Holden's inferiority complex?


"... was very ashamed of ... parents and all, because they said 'he don't' and 'she don't' and stuff like that."


"...was always hanging around the swimming pool…in Lastex swimming trunks…always going off the high dive…same lousy old half gainer all day long… thought...was very hot stuff."


"... parents were not very wealthy."


"...mentioned ...was the captain of the debate team."


None of the choices work.