Cellular and Molecular Biology

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Analyzing Gene Function: Knock-Out


You are a biologist trying to investigate the function of YFG (your favorite gene) in mice. You manage to generate mice that are heterozygous knock-outs for YFG (meaning they still have one copy of YFG in their genomes), but their homozygous knock-out offspring are embryonic lethal (meaning they die in utero) due to widespread apoptosis. You conclude that YFG is necessary for viability.

How can you modify your experimental design to study the specific cellular function of YFG?

Select ALL that apply.


You generate a transgenic line that overexpresses YFG.


You can design a conditional knock-out line. These mice will have normal copies of YFG until you administer a drug or virus that induces acute excision of the gene.


You decide to use RNA interference to acutely inhibit expression of YFG in normal mice.