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Archimedes' Principle: Bear on Ice


The density of sea water is $\rho_{sw}=1030\,kg/m^3$. The density of ice is $\rho_{ice}=934\,kg/m^3$. A disk of ice floats in the arctic ocean. A polar bear of mass $m_B=450\,kg$ climbs onto the ice.

How far above the water level is the top surface of the ice?

How far above the water line? Created for Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

  • $\rho_{sw}=1030\,kg/m^3$
  • $\rho_{ice}=934\,kg/m^3$
  • Radius of ice = $2\,m$
  • Thickness of ice = $1\,m$
  • $m_B=450\,kg$