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Spring and Friction


A block of mass 1.5 kg is on the top of a table. A thin thread is attached to a wall on one side and to the block on the other, so that an elastic spring is compressed by 0.12 m between the block and the wall (see the figure below).

The block is not attached to the spring. The thread suddenly breaks and the spring pushes the block so it starts to slide along the table. The block stops after traveling 0.56 m.

The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the table is 0.23. If the spring transmits all of its energy to the block, what is the spring constant of the spring?


$260 \space \frac{N}{m}$


$120 \space \frac{N}{m}$


$340 \space \frac{N}{m}$


$450 \space \frac{N}{m}$