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Inventory Cost: Lower of Cost and NRV by Category


Pine Textiles Company has provided the following information at year-end:

Item Item Cost Selling Price Estimated Costs to Sell
Category A
Item 1 \$5,000 \$6,000 \$1,250
Item 2 \$10,000 \$15,000 \$1,500
Category B
Item 3 \$25,000 \$27,500 \$3,000
Item 4 \$24,000 \$28,800 \$1,250
Item 5 \$19,000 \$22,800 \$7,500
Category C
Item 6 \$2,600 \$4,550 \$750
Item 7 \$3,000 \$5,250 \$1,000

Lower of Cost and Net Realizable Value is an Inventory cost method that companies can apply to individual Inventory items, categories of Inventory or to the total cost of Inventory. Using the above information, calculate the cost of Inventory that will be reported on the Balance Sheet by Pine Manufacturing at year-end if the Lower of Cost and Net Realizable Value is applied to each category or product line of Inventory items.