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Fuel Cell Calculations – Hydrogen Consumed, Potential, and Charge


Use the table of standard reduction potentials provided below to analyze the following reaction:

$$2 {\textrm{H}_2}_{(g)} + {\textrm{O}_2}_{(g)} \rightarrow 2 {\textrm{H}_2\textrm{O}}_{(l)}$$

In a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, energy is produced by the overall reaction represented above.

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(A) When the fuel cell operates at $25˚C$ and $1.00 \textrm{ atm}$ for $46.0 \textrm{ minutes}$, $0.0432 \textrm{ mol}$ of ${\textrm{O}_2}_{(g)}$ are consumed. How many moles of ${\textrm{H}_2}_{(g)}$ are consumed during this time period?

(B) Given that the fuel cell reaction takes place in an acidic medium, what is the value of the standard potential, $E˚$, of the cell?

(C) What is the charge, in coulombs, that passes through the cell during the $46.0\ \text{minutes}$ of operation as described in part (A)?