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Polarity and Dipoles: Starting With Formulas


Considering the molecules below, tell which of the following statements are true.

Note: to determine which statements are true, sketching Lewis structures of each and then considering molecular geometry will be helpful.

${ CS }_{ 2 }$, ${ Cl }_{ 2 }$, ${HF}$, ${HCl}$, ${ H}_{ 2 }{O}$, ${ H}_{ 2 }{S}$

Select ALL that apply.


Only 5 of these molecules have a dipole moment.


Hydrogen fluoride is has a larger dipole moment than does hydrogen bromide.


All of the diatomic molecules are polar.


The following is a good illustration of the molecular dipole for carbon disulfide.

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Water is more polar than hydrogen sulfide, but hydrogen sulfide has a larger dipole moment because sulfur is larger than oxygen.


The dipole moment of hydrogen fluoride is orientated along the internuclear axis while the dipole moment of water bisects the O-H bonds and passes through the oxygen atom as shown below.

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