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Qualitative Analysis of Cations in Solution by Precipitation


Consider the qualitative analysis of cations present in a solution. The flowchart for the experiment is below.

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Consider the experimental procedure below on a solution containing $\textrm{Ag}^+$ and $\textrm{Fe}^{3+}$ ions.

In which steps will a precipitate form?

1) $0.50 \textrm{ M HCl}$ was added to the unknown solution.


2) $0.50 \textrm{ M NaOH}$ was added to the solution.


3) The supernatant was decanted from the precipitate.

4) To the supernatant, $0.50 \textrm{ M K}_4\textrm{Fe(CN)}_6$ was added.


5) To the precipitate, $0.10 \textrm{ M HNO}_3$ was added. The precipitate dissolved.

6) $0.050 \textrm{ M NH}_3$ was added to the solution.


7) $0.50 \textrm{ M K}_4\textrm{Fe(CN)}_6$ was added to the solution.