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Ranking Densities of Metal Samples


You are in a lab and want to know which metal is the densest and which is the least dense: iron, nickel, or zinc?

To determine this, you find three samples, one of each metal and carefully measure the size and mass of each sample. You also look up the atomic number and molar mass of each metal on the periodic table. As a good scientist, you record results giving the table below.

Sample Dimensions Mass Atomic
Molar Mass
Iron rod diameter: $1.00 \text{ cm}$
length: $20.0 \text{ cm}$
$123.6 \text{ g}$ $26$ $55.85 \text{ g/mol}$
Zinc ingot height: $2.00 \text{ cm}$
width: $2.00 \text{ cm}$
length: $6.00 \text{ cm}$
$171.1 \text{ g}$ $28$ $58.7 \text{ g/mol}$
Nickel ball diameter: $3.00 \text{ cm}$ $125.8 \text{ g}$ $30$ $65.4 \text{ g/mol}$

The least dense metal is

The next densest metal is

And the densest metal is