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Stoichiometry: Product Mass from Reactant Mass; Percent Yield


4.15 g of $CO_{2}$ is produced when 10.00 g of sodium bicarbonate is reacted in excess vinegar.

Find the theoretical mass of $CO_{2}$ produced when the sodium bicarbonate completely reacts.

Also find the percent yield of $CO_{2}$ for this reaction.

Molar mass (MM) of the reactants and products can be found in the table below.

$$NaHCO_{3}(s)\ +\ HC_{2}H_{3}O_{2}(aq)\rightarrow CO_{2}(g)\ +\ H_{2}O(l)\ +\ NaC_{2}H_{3}O_{2}(aq)$$

Compound MM (g)
$NaHCO_{3}$ 84.006
$HC_{2}H_{3}O_{2}$ 60.336
$CO_{2}$ 44.009
$H_{2}O$ 18.015
$NaC_{2}H_{3}O_{2}$ 82.034