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Effect of Migration on Allele Frequency


Migration is the movement of individuals from one population into another population and where the individuals joining a population contribute alleles to the subsequent generation(s) in that population.

If migration occurs from population 2 into population 1, the potential parents in population 1 are now comprised of some frequency of individuals from population 2 ($m$) and the remaining frequency of individuals from population 1 that existed before the migration occurred ($1 - m$).

Generation 0 (before migration) Population 1 Population 2
Frequency of A allele 0.35 0.70
Frequency of a allele 0.65 0.30

$\ $

Assume that migration occurred at the rate of m = 0.20 from population 2 to population 1 (20% of the parents to produce the subsequent progeny generation in population 1 came from population 2).

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