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Energy Efficiency


​>A man researches ways in which his home can be more energy efficient. Of the methods available, he decides that the best options for him include solar panels, a rainwater catchment system, and new windows. However, he can only afford to pay for two of the three options. In his research, he has found that each of the three options is associated with government incentives, such as rebates and tax breaks. Each option has variations from several companies and manufacturers, which range in price and quality and are covered by warranties. All three options require professional installation, though homeowners can perform regular, inexpensive maintenance. After calculating the cost for each option and his preferred systems, the man must decide which of the two he will pursue.

Which of the following would provide the most relevant information for the man to make his decision?


The climate and landscape of the area in which he lives.


The cost of each system, absent any government incentives.


The value of each government incentive.


The amount of water his garden requires.


The ease of installation of each option.