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Italian Students Bar Graph


In 2009, the Italian language program at Midwestern U finally closed its doors due to lack of student interest. In the years prior to 2009, as students graduated and left the program, enrollment dwindled. However, one new transfer student was admitted in 2009.

Fewer and fewer students enrolled in Italian each year as previous students graduated.

The one remaining Italian professor had lighter student loads each year as students graduated. However, one new transfer student was admitted in 2009.

The following conversation took place between two professors regarding the Italian language program:

Professor A: "Look at that trend. All the girls hung in there but 80% of the guys dropped out."
Professor B: "No, that is not true. Pat got recorded as the wrong gender last year but not this year."
Professor A: "Oh, so you had three girls in class last year."
Professor B: "Right. And I also have Maria, who is new this year."

percent of the young women taking Italian from Professor B in 2008 returned to take Italian in 2009.

percent of the young men did the same.