Heart of Darkness

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The Manager's Clothing


The manager of Kurtz's station is dressed like a "harlequin."

What does this description imply about his character?


The manager is dressed in native garb, implying that he has become more savage as he has spent more time at the station.


The manager is dressed in European finery, implying that he has maintained his sanity and still exhibits European customs.


The manager is dressed in motley-colored clothing, implying that his personality is not efficient as he would like others to believe but comical in nature.


The manager is dressed in white and black formalwear, implying that he misses the finer things from home and tries to maintain an air of formality.


The manager is dressed in an outfit that matches Kurtz's, implying that he idolizes Kurtz to the point of trying to imitate every aspect of his behavior.