Julius Caesar

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Cassius' Regret


Flatters! Now, Brutus, thank yourself;
This tongue hath not offended so today,
If Cassius might have ruled. (5.1.47-48)

What is the tone and meaning behind Cassius' words to Brutus?


Complimentary; Cassius is telling Brutus how proud he is of Brutus for the actions he has taken as far as the conspiracy plan goes.


Grateful; Cassius is displaying his appreciation for Brutus' leadership and support in their conspiracy plan.


Flattering; Cassius is feeling indebted to Brutus since Brutus talked him out of making a terrible mistake in killing Antony along with Caesar.


Condescending; Cassius is displaying his disappointment that Brutus didn't listen to him about killing Antony.


Thankful; Cassius feels as though Brutus makes a better ruler than himself since his decisions are more accurate and thought out.