Julius Caesar

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Cinna's Shouts


Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!
Run hence, proclaim, cry it about the streets. (3.1.86-87)

Many themes can be seen within the play, Julius Caesar. After reading this quote, which theme is BEST evident and why?


Fate vs Free Will-The quote can be seen as free will because the conspirators took it upon themselves to murder Caesar in cold blood rather than let life take its course.


Chaos vs Order-Chaos is most evident from the eruption of excitement. Cinna is boisterous in vocalizing his approval that Caesar is dead, so they should all rejoice.


Lust for Power-The lust for power can be seen through Cinna's shouts about tyranny being dead. He is thrilled that he will now be able to step in as a leader rather than a follower.


Effects of Ambition-Caesar deserved to die because of his lack of interest and care for the people of Rome; he was only out for himself.


Gender Roles-Only men were allowed to go to the common area and take part in the assassination. This is seen through Cinna's command to go tell everyone about it in the streets because the women were not informed yet.