Julius Caesar

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Mischief, thou art aloof


Now let it work: Mischief, thou art aloof,
Take thou what course thou wilt. (3.2.249-250)

What literary device is best seen in the quote above and what is its meaning?


Simile; Antony hopes that his words will have been enough to sway the people to avenge Caesar's death.


Personification; Antony depends on the doubt that he created in the citizens' minds and tells the mischief he has created to take action if that is what is best.


Metaphor; Antony compares the mischief to the actions of the conspirators, now that all of Rome knows what they did.


Irony; Antony feels as though the conspirators' plan has come full circle and will now backfire on them.


None of the choices are devices seen in the passage.