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Goneril's Final Words to Cordelia in Act 1, Scene 1


Goneril’s final words to Cordelia at the close of Act I, Scene I (“You have obedience scanted, / And well are worth the want that you have wanted”) are BEST translated as:


There is nothing you can do to remedy the shame you have just brought upon yourself for disobeying our father.


If you had understood your role as the king’s daughter and as his subject better, you would be worth more than you are now.


If you had really wanted to marry the Duke of Burgundy, you would have better complied with the law of his land.


The most fitting thing you can do now is turn your attention and your duty to your new husband, in the hopes of making yourself worthy again.


You have failed to obey our father, and so you deserve to have everything taken away from you.