King Lear

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“Unaccommodated man is no more…” (Act 3, Scene 4)


In Act 3, Scene 4, Lear says to Edgar, who is disguised as Poor Tom: “unaccommodated man is no more but such a poor bare, forked animal as thou art.” Lear then proceeds to take off his clothes (“Off, off, you lendings! come unbutton here”).

What might Lear be suggesting in unclothing himself?

Select ALL that apply.


That the natural world – particularly at its harshest – has the effect of democratizing social and political hierarchies.


That he perceives a new urgency for generosity, since he plans to give his clothes to Poor Tom.


That clothing – which is a matter that differentiates man from beast – actually hinders man’s motion in the natural world.


That systems of gifting and indebtedness have failed him, and he does not want to be “indebted” to anything anymore.


That the animal world is in possession of certain virtues that cultured man has lost.