Lord of the Flies

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"I hit him!"


"'I hit him! The spear stuck in'

Now they came, unexpectedly, to an open space by the sea. Jack cast about on the bare rock and looked anxious.

'He's gone.'

'I hit him,' said Ralph again, 'and the spear stuck in a bit.'

He felt the need of witnesses.

'Didn't you see me?'

Maurice nodded.

'I saw you. Right bang on his snout - Wheee!'

Ralph talked on, excitedly.

'I hit him all right. The spear stuck in. I wounded him!'"

What is the purpose of the repetition of the phrase "I hit him" in this passage?


It shows Ralph's excitement playing an important role in the hunt.


It demonstrates the need Ralph feels for recognition.


It showcases Ralph's changing attitude towards hunting.


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