Lord of the Flies

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Piggy's Smarts


Which of the following best illustrates the intelligence Piggy is known for?


"We can do without Jack Merridew. There's others besides him on this island. But now we really got a beast, though I can't hardly believe it, we'll need to stay close to the platform; there'll be less need of him and his hunting. So now we can really decide on what's what."


"'I thought there might be something to do. Something we...'
Again the pressure of the assembly took his voice away. He sought for help and sympathy... He turned half toward him, clutching the conch to his brown chest.
'I think we ought to climb the mountain.'"


"We got no fire on the mountain. But what's wrong with a fire down here? A fire could be built on them rocks. On the sand, even. We'd make smoke just the same."


"'We can build it just here between the bathing pool and the platform. Of course...'
He broke off, frowning, thinking the thing out, unconsciously tugging
at the stub of a nail with his teeth.
'Of course the smoke won't show so much, not be seen so far away. But we needn't go near, near the...'"


"Piggy was so full of delight and expanding liberty in Jack's departure, so full of pride in his contribution to the good of society, that he helped to fetch wood. The wood he fetched was close at hand, a fallen tree on the platform that they did not need for the assembly, yet to the others the sanctity of the platform had protected even what was useless there."