Lord of the Flies

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Work to Survive


Which of the following passages most clearly shows that few of the boys are willing to work to help the group survive?


"I bet if I blew the conch this minute, they'd come running. Then we'd be, you know, very solemn, and someone would say we ought to build a jet, or a submarine, or a TV set. When the meeting was over they'd work for five minutes, then wander off or go hunting."


"Ralph surveyed the wreck with distaste. 'Never get it done.' He flung himself down at Jack's feet. Simon remained, looking out of the hole in the shelter. Once down, Ralph explained. 'Been working for days now. And look!'"


"'You wouldn't care to help with the shelters, I suppose?' 'We want meat -' 'And we don't get it.' Now the antagonism was audible.'"


"'You've noticed, haven't you?' Jack put down his spear and squatted. 'Noticed what?' 'Well. They're frightened.' He rolled over and peered into Jack's fierce, dirty face."


"'Rescue? Yes, of course! All the same, I'd like to catch a pig first -' He snatched up his spear and dashed it into the ground. The opaque, mad look came into his eyes again."