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Supply and Demand: The Greek Gods Must Be Crazy


Which of the following behaviors by Greek gods is necessarily inconsistent with the idea that markets featuring Greek gods as consumers obey the law of demand?


When figs cost \$1 each, Hera bought 50 per month. Now that figs cost \$2 each, Hera buys 49 per month.


The price of temples dropped from \$4 million to \$3 million. Zeus demanded one temple before the change, and one temple after the change.


Persephone buys twenty pomegranate seeds per month at a price of \$.10 each. Hades approaches her and offers to sell her another seed at a price of \$.11. She accepts.


Calliope helps people write poetry, and her time is an important input to the production of poetry! Typically she works for free. But one day Homer offers her $10 for an additional hour of her help. Enraged by the offer, she no longer helps Homer.