Pride and Prejudice

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Lydia's motives


Which of the following quotes does not support Lydia's reasons for marrying Wickham?


"Lord, how ashamed I should be of not being married before three and twenty!"


"Lord! how I should like to be married before any of you; and then I would chaperon you about to all the balls."


``Oh! mamma, do the people here abouts know I am married to-day? I was afraid they might not; and we overtook William Goulding in his curricle, so I was determined he should know it, and so I let down the side-glass next to him, and took off my glove, and let my hand just rest upon the window frame, so that he might see the ring, and then I bowed and smiled like any thing.''


"Ah! Jane, I take your place now, and you must go lower, because I am a married woman.''


"If you love Mr. Darcy half as well as I do my dear Wickham, you must be very happy."